Yesterday was History

Hi guys. How are you?. What?. You're not felling well?. Then, palli to meet your doctor now. Nanti teruk penyakit tue baru tahu. Ahhh nomulla, nomulla, nomulla. Tak tahu, tak tahu, tak tahu. hi2 Are you ready to play with me?. Just a simple 'melody'. Ok, look at what i got yesterday...
HERE. keke
YES!!! Play Ft Island 2011 Concert!!  ^^

with a super duper awesome HD'photobook inside. keke

warmly touch Ft Island's members

Actually, it already arrived at my home for almost 2 week ago. But i can't see it because i'm at my hostel.huhu I'm waiting for all this so long. Feel like i'm going crazy. Waiting and waiting. It's take a long shipping from Korea to Malaysia you know. I think for almost 1 month if i'm not mistaken. Yesterday, i came back home and then put these awesome pic in my blog for you all. How is it?. Great right?. haha

Look at it. Ft Island's Summer Bodukan is also here. hehe Opps, Sexy Leader at there!!

Hah, sebenarnya banyak lagi koleksi CD MISZ DS unfortunately banyak yang hilang. Antaranya OST Winter Sonata. MISZ DS sanggup beli OST nie sebab fanatik sangat dengan Winter Sonata dulu. Sob3~

my first Cd. LIMITED EDITION. keke

my collection is getting bigger now

I'm enjoyed my life with wonderful stories belong to my family and friends, my great CD and of course my beloved flower rock band, Ft Island too.  Jjjang zzzang
P/S: i promise to update more pic in future. keke

Terima Kasih. Komen Kalau Happy^^

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