Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I wanna say something here. Love letter for my husband, for never give up to me.
Thank you to my lover, my pretty husband for supporting me until the end. Without you who am i.
I want to dedicate this song only for you because i like this song very much. My tear was drop down when i listen to it. You'll be in my heart forever and never be lasting. You're my true love.
You're kinda "weird" to me. And make me cried cos i loved you so much. Missing you^^
Enjoyed it ^^;

Terima Kasih. Komen Kalau Happy^^

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  1. Hello Noraini Abdullah! :) Of course I know you :D
    I haven't watch rooftop prince yet, because I'm watching Fashion King right now ^^,
    I like your blog, and I'll read it from now on ^^,
    Thankyou for commenting on my blog :D


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